from the tv show leverage, eliot spencer was a trans guy and then detransitioned and is some sort of nonbinary gender but he doesnt think about it a lot because it stresses him out. hes biromantic/leaning homoromantic and ace. alec hardison is some sort of cyberpunk gender and platoniromantic/ace. parker doesnt want gender she wants money. shes also acearo and Doesnt Care
marya bolkonsky from war and peace is demisexual and lesbian
Daniel from Amnesia: The Dark Descent is asexual.

Hi! Please use the full name of the fandom/source text the character(s) you’re headcanoning are from! It’s hard to know how to tag something if it’s just abbreviations, or not included at all.

eg, instead of “person x from spn” you would write “person x from supernatural”

-Mod Rachel

From Legend of Korra: Eska is a trans woman and Desna is a trans man. They started pretending to be each other when they were six, and when they realized they both felt more comfortable that way, they never stopped.

Arthur is asexual biromantic with a slight preference for men.

harry potter nextgen: albus severus is cis, panromantic, and demisexual. scorpius is dmab, androsexual, and somewhere between agender and female (like nano/demigirl range)

What would be the sfw equivalent of "genderf***k?"

idk about the other mods, but i kind of like genderpunk.

Death the Kid from Soul Eater is asexual.
Friendly Reminder

Please don’t say FtM or MtF in the headcanons you send in, say trans men/women instead, in two words.

Also, if you specified that one character is trans, you must specify that the others are cis.

Thank you.