Cecil Palmer from WTNV is gray-ace, panromantic
Norman from Paranorman is biromantic, homosexual.
Hiro from the upcoming Big Hero Six is bisexual.
Dipper from Gravity Falls is bisexual, while Mabel is panromantic, pansexual.
free! headcanons: haruka nanase is gendervague and gray-asexual demiromantic. makoto tachibana is a demiboy and demisexual panromantic. nagisa hazuki is a trans boy and pansexual panromantic. rei ryugazaki is polygender and asexual polyromantic. rin matsuoka is agender and pansexual lithromantic. sousuke yamazaki is agender and cupiosexual grayromantic.

All three of the golden trio are Bi.
For a most of their Hogwarts years they don’t come out until Hermione info-dumps about all the interesting information about sexualities and genders she learned during the summer and nervously says she’s Bi and a demi-girl, worried about what Harry and Ron will say.

They both immediately realize that’s the word for what they are to, they just never knew that there was anything other than gay and straight! (as you can imagine, Hogwarts sex-ed is very much lacking)
And all three of them become out-and-proud Bi mentors for any nervous younger queer students. Because who better to defend nervous little bi second years against bullies than Harry-Freaking-Potter?

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Pansexual and Panromantic Ty Lee from ATLA?

i strike again!! (homestuck) jade harley, feferi peixes and aradia megido are in a polyamorous relationship. jade is cis, polysexual (girls and nb people) and panromantic; feferi is agender, asexual, and panromantic; aradia is cis, pansexual and panromantic

jo harvelle from supernatural is (biromantic) asexual. she uses the influence that she has as a female in a misogynistic environment but shes actually completely sex-repulsed. shes had a few boyfriends and girlfriends but she draws the line at anything past kissing

Les mis - demiromantic sexually active for profit demisexual feminine trans man Montparnasse. What a mouthful but there